The Targeted Intervention Service provides a moderate level of support for families based on a therapeutic assessment of the family’s current situation.

The Targeted Intervention Service aims to assist parents understand the diverse problems the family face and how these problems impact on positive parenting.

The Targeted Intervention Service will work with families to:

  • Establish priorities of the family and setting goals with the family.
  • Help parents to develop more positive views of their ability to parent.
  • Help parents to understand the health, hygiene and nutrition of their children.
  • Improve parents connection with their child/ren and encourage good behavior.
  • Manage substance use problems.
  • Teach practical life skills, including budgeting, nutrition, health care, obtaining housing.
  • Improve relationships.

Targeted Intervention Service Goals

  • To promote safety and best interests of children.
  • To assist families in crisis.
  • To assist families develop and maintain positive life and parenting skills.

Who can access this service?

Referrals can be received from:

  • Department of Child Protection including Linking Families;
  • Department for Education and Child Development School Wellbeing Officers or other school staff;
  • Department for Education and Child Development Children Centres;
  • Child and Family Health Service;
  • Community Family Support Services;
  • Non-Government Organisations; and
  • Self.