Young Women Lead

The Young Women LEAD (YWL) Program is a series of tailored workshops, developed to support young women aged 15-25, residing in the North West Country Employment Region, funded by Workforce Australia. Each workshop aims to directly address barriers relating to disadvantage, exposure to violence and unhealthy relationships by providing supportive, fun and educational activities to assist with building resilience, confidence, wellbeing and skills.

Typical delivery of YWL Program is weekly one-hour workshops facilitated over a 10-week period, however delivery can be tailored to suit the needs and preferences of each group. Young women aged between 15-25 residing in Whyalla, Port Augusta or Port Lincoln may be referred or can self-refer by contacting 0458 050 272. There is no cost to participate. YWL will provide referrers and potential participants with program dates and times. Pre-set programs are also advertised on CCCSA’s Facebook.

Each program covers the following topics:
1.1 Healthy Relationships
1.2 Understanding Violence and Respect
2.1 Self Compassion
2.2 Working on Yourself
3.1 Social Media and your Wellbeing
3.2 Social Media and your Wellbeing Part 2
4.1 Strengths and Empowerment
4.2 Setting and Working Towards Goals
5.1 Building Financial Resilience
5.2 Building Financial Resilience Part 2

Program Outcomes:
1. Increased understanding of healthy relationships
2. Increased understanding of respect, including attitudes, behaviours and language that contribute to respectful relationships
3. Increased knowledge and tools to support with managing finances and building financial resilience
4. Increased self-awareness and self-compassion
5. Increased capacity to make decisions based on individual values, strengths, and goals